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Author Topic: South Carolina Veto Vote on 6/25 - Send letter  (Read 1022 times)
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« on: June 24, 2008, 06:48:03 PM »

Please use this letter as a model ...
Dear South Carolina Lawmaker:
      Please vote to override the veto of S 968. If you do not protect hunters, fishermen and everyday users of knives as tools, you could lose millions of recreational dollars annually.
      This bill to permit carrying knives with blades longer than two inches was introduced by the American Knife & Tool Institute. AKTI represents the nation?s knife owners and all segments of the sporting knife industry.
      Overriding this veto makes economic sense for several reasons.
1)      The governor?s veto letter declared he had no opposition to the knife portion of the bill (and he has been a long-time supporter of firearms carry).
2)      According to the 2006 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service study, an estimated 595,000 hunters and fishermen spend more than $1.9 billion per year in your state. Probably 99 percent of the hunting and fishing knives carried have blades in excess of two inches. Without the protection of S 968, South Carolina could lose millions of hunting, fishing and other recreational dollars annually to surrounding states.
3)      The previous expenditure of $6 million for statehouse security is being spent regardless of the passage of S 968.
4)      Passage of S 968 will not add to security costs anywhere in the state, and finally;
5)      House and Senate members all previously agreed that they could support S 968 on its merits.
Thank you.
David D. Kowalski
Communications Coordinator
American Knife & Tool Institute
 Here are Senate members ...
?Thomas C. Alexander? <>, ?Ralph Anderson? <>, ?Kevin L. Bryant? <>, ?Paul G. Campbell Jr.? <>, ?George E. Campsen III? <>, ?Catherine C. Ceips? <>, "Raymond E. Cleary III" <>, "John E. Courson" <>, "Ronnie W. Cromer" <>, "John W. Drummond" <>, "Dick Elliott" <>, "Michael L. Fair" <>, "Robert Ford" <>, "Chauncey K. Gregory" <>, "Lawrence K. Grooms" <>, "John D. Hawkins" <>, "Robert W. Hayes Jr." <>, "C. Bradley Hutto" <>, "Darrell Jackson" <>, "John M. Knotts Jr." <>, "John C. Land III" <>, "Hugh K. Leatherman Sr." <>, "Phil P. Leventis" <>, "Joel Lourie" <>, "Gerald Malloy" <>, "Larry A. Martin" <  >, "A. Shane Massey" <>, "John W. Matthews Jr." <>, "Glenn F. McConnell" <>, "J. Yancey McGill" <>, "William H. O'Dell" <>, "Kay Patterson" <>, "Harvey S. Peeler Jr." <>, "Clementa C. Pinckney" <>, "Luke A. Rankin" <>, "Glenn G. Reese" <>, "James H. Ritchie Jr." <>, "W. Greg Ryberg" <>, "Randy Scott" <>, "Nikki G. Setzler" <>, "Vincent A. Sheheen" <>, "Linda H. Short" <>, "David L. Thomas" <>, "Lewis R. Vaughn" <>, "Daniel B. Verdin III" <>, "Kent M. Williams" <>, "Lt. Gov. Andr? Bauer" <>,
Here are House members in two groups (some email accounts will not permit the entire list mailing at once) ...
?Robert W. Harrell Jr.? <>, ?James H. Harrison? <>, ?Christopher R. Hart? <>, ?Cathy B. Harvin? <>, ?Gloria Arias Haskins? <>, ?Jackie E. Hayes? <>, ?William G. Herbkersman? <>, ?David R. Hiott? <>, ?Kenneth F. Hodges? <>, ?Lonnie Hosey? <>, ?Leon Howard? <>, ?Chip Huggins? <>, ?Heyward G. Hutson? <>, ?Joseph H. Jefferson? <>, ?Douglas Jennings Jr.? <>, ?R. Keith Kelly? <>, ?Kenneth Kennedy? <>, ?Patsy G. Knight? <>, ?Robert W. Leach Sr.? <>, ?Harry B. Limehouse III? <>, ?Lanny F. Littlejohn? <>, ?Dwight A. Loftis? <>, ?Phillip D. Lowe? <>, ?James H. Lucas? <>, ?David J. Mack III? <>, ?Joseph G. Mahaffey? <>, ?Walton J. McLeod? <>, ?James H. Merrill? <>, ?Vida O. Miller? <>, ?Harold Mitchell Jr.? <>, ?Bessie A. Moody-Lawrence? <>, ?Dennis C. Moss? <>, ?J. Michael Mulvaney? <>, ?James M. Neal? <>, ?Joseph H. Neal? <>, ?Denny Woodall Neilson? <>, ?Harry L. Ott Jr.? <>, ?Phillip D. Owens? <>, ?J. Anne Parks? <>, ?Robert S. Perry Jr.? <>, ?Olin R. Phillips? <>, ?Lewis E. Pinson? <>,
?Edward H. Pitts Jr.? <>, ?Michael A. Pitts? <>, ?Rex F. Rice? <>, ?J. Todd Rutherford? <>, ?William E. Sandifer III? <>, ?Wallace B. Scarborough? <>, ?John L. Scott Jr.? <>, ?Bakari T. Sellers? <>, ?Phillip W. Shoopman? <>, ?J. Gary Simrill? <>, ?B. R. Skelton? <>, ?Donald C. Smith? <>, ?Fletcher N. Smith Jr.? <>, ?G. Murrell Smith Jr.? <>, ?Garry R. Smith? <>, ?J. Roland Smith? <>, ?James E. Smith Jr.? <>, ?W. Douglas Smith? <>, ?L. Kit Spires? <>, ?Leonidas E. Stavrinakis? <>, ?James E. Stewart Jr.? <>, ?Scott F. Talley? <>, ?J. Adam Taylor? <>, ?Michael D. Thompson? <>, ?McLain R. Toole? <>, ?C. David Umphlett Jr.? <>, ?Ted Martin Vick? <>, ?Thad T. Viers? <>, ?Robert E. Walker? <>, ?J. David Weeks? <>, ?J. Seth Whipper? <>, ?W. Brian White? <>, ?William R. Whitmire? <>, ?Robert Q. Williams? <>, ?William D. Witherspoon? <>, ?Annette D. Young? <>,

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« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2008, 04:39:42 AM »

If my mailing list is still intact, I'll be fine. Otherwise, it's going to be a long night.
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