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Author Topic: Going out on a limb.  (Read 930 times)
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John Silveira
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« on: November 23, 2016, 06:06:43 PM »

Ed's post on integrity brought a memory back to me that i'm going out on a limb here to share.

When i first starting making (Forging) blades i was out at 11:00 pm hammering a blade ( outside ) in a storm that was coming in. The rain had just started coming down and i just wasn't quite done hammering with that blade for my friend Karl. Suddenly i felt a rush of energy from all around jump into the blade . It caught me by a big surprise - it was the first time something like that happened. I couldn't help but feel and tune into what had just happened. After some connecting with that " force or energy " the feeling was that blade had been wanting to be a blade for 1000 years. Was waiting a long time ! Perhaps that's why the rush of energy was so swift and powerful - it literally jumped into that blade . Almost made me take a couple steps back was so powerful.

Well the blade got finished and delivered to Karl and from time to time i see him - he keeps the knife in his car and i'll ask him to pull the blade out so i can see it again. When i pull it from the sheath it's quite amazing - the knife just come alive. I won't get to weird with the explanation other than to say the blade definitely has something special.    NOW !!!

this happened 2 other times - the second time an energy jumped into a little blade being made for a guy ( another forged one as that's all i make ) and this time the blade was all about being "LUCKY" the energy i felt was just all LUCKY.  So i got ahold of the guy the knife was being made for to explain to him what happened and he said " what - you gota be kidding me - my whole life is about being lucky - he said you should see my wife even - everyone says how lucky i am because she's so beautiful )   ROFL....  anyway ......

then several weeks ago i have been commissioned for a sub hilt fighter for a guy from Facebook . He's paid some money up front - but i just couldn't get tuned into this knife for some reason - kinda like writers block though i wasn't really so hung up - it just kept getting put off till i could get ready to start it .....

Well low and behold i was sitting in front of the computer one nite and another type of energy (call it whatever you want ) jumped up - this time the energy jumped into me ( about the knife )  don't know quite how to explain this experience but it's kinda like an earthquake - makes me kinda take a double take.

Well this knife ( that's still waiting to be hammered out ) is a bit on the scary side as i tuned into what the energy was telling me. This knife is almost bad energy. Blood thirsty is how i understand it. This knife REALLY wants BLOOD - i don't want to understate that ! It's as though something bad happened previously and this blade has a chip on it's shoulder or wants vengeance or something like that. There's definitely a mentally unbalanced aspect to this it seems regarding the knife itself but fortunately it comes with a "Fail safe" of sorts. The good news is the knife will obey the owner . If it were my blade and i say " Look there's not going to be any blood spilt " it will obey - But i feel if the knife got into the wrong hands there could be trouble.

I've put off hammering this blade out till i talk to the guy who commissioned me ( i haven't heard from him or seen him online for months ) ... I want to make sure he understands this situation before i pass anything off to him.   

so anyway that's my story ! You can call me a lunatic it won't be the first time. But i'd sure like to hear other's experiences.

It seems i've heard stories about swords or knives that had bad Karma on them or things like that so having had these experiences i've felt has made me more sensitive to or believing ...

would welcome comments / experiences.



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« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2016, 06:23:17 PM »

This is exactly what I referred to in my post in Integrity referring to finding the real cutters.
Knives, I think, have spirits just like everything else that exists.  I use the word very loosely.
They all have different capabilities, some more intense than others.  If you can feel such in
the ones you make, you must be very sensitive, or know exactly what you are trying to make. 
I have enjoyed your sharing of thoughts and experience.
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