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As a member you get a lot of new exciting things to explore. You might have a shoutbox visible - there you can leave comments in BBC code and generally say hello to your fellow members. You might also want to read any articles published or rate them. You can read through whole categories of articles, and check out recent topics from another block.

Download section

If the Download Manager is active, you will be able to explore the files in the Download section. Uploading capabilities are also present, but the administrators might put some restraints on it: for example what type of file you can upload, what maximum size and so on. The file might also need to approved by a moderator.

Extended Profile

In your profile you will see any articles you have written - and you can edit them as well if permitted - all the shouts you ever made in the shoutbox and files you uploaded to the download section. The initial screen is a small summary of everything and will give you some statistics on your contributions to the forum. Note that if any specific feature is turned off, the corresponding profile item will be hidden.

If you want to explore more the features of TP, both as a member and as moderator, be sure to visit our Documentation boards on
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