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: Texas Fine Knives
: texasfineknives March 20, 2008, 08:30:48 PM
Check out they have knives from Al Mar Blackhawk Blackwater Buck Cold Steel Combat Elite Dark Ops Eickhorn Emerson Entrek Fallkniven MOD MicroTech Mil-Tac TOPS and they will match or beat any internet price.  They really helped me out

: Re: Texas Fine Knives
: radicat March 20, 2008, 09:03:13 PM
Welcome texasfineknives. Interesting logo you have there. I've seen this Texas version of a similar logo before, but I can't recall where I saw it, not too long ago. I may have seen it in my never ending searching of the web for links to put on my website. Your site will be added for others to find.

I wish you well and I hope your business succeeds. Tell us more about yourself, your business, and freewebs sometime.
The site looks great. Don't let the ads bother you. It's part of the deal. The one ad said I had a friend to contact in my area. I would do that, but I'm afraid it might be one-toothed Dirty Joe who lives down by the tracks wanting to borrow money again.           Clay

: Re: Texas Fine Knives
: texasfineknives April 22, 2008, 10:09:38 PM
Thanks for the comments!  I have done many changes to the site since the last post.  We are constantly updating and adding new items!  Most of my customers have agreed that these are the best prices they have seen online and ask how I can get away with it.  I tell them the only overhead I have is the website and a few small bills to pay and the rest is savings for you the customer.  There have been customers who e-mail me and say they found an item cheaper elsewhere so I quickly do some research and am able to either match the competition or most of the time just beat their price.  We recently began to offer free shipping on all orders which has increased sales dramatically!  We are greatful and thank you for your support!  We will be adding many new items not just knives but also rifle scopes, night visions, optics, swords, flashlights, air rifles, watches, so stop by often to see whats new.    We hope to continue satisfying customers here in the USA and maybe expand internationally in the future if we keep getting request from abroad.  Thanks again for the comments -
e-mail -   

: Re: Texas Fine Knives
: Larrin April 23, 2008, 03:52:12 PM
Forgive me for being rude but this is very blatant advertizing.

: Re: Texas Fine Knives
: texasfineknives April 23, 2008, 04:15:17 PM

It is advertising!    I was replying to radicat when they said "I wish you well and I hope your business succeeds. Tell us more about yourself, your business, and freewebs sometime." Read the post -  Posted on: March 20, 2008, 09:03:13 PMPosted by: radicat

Plus this is a topic on KNIFE STOREFRONTS , it was an appropriate place to do it.  Thanks for your comments

Texas Fine Knives

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