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Title: Just a Update
Post by: Daniel Rohde (D-Vision) on September 04, 2017, 08:03:09 AM
Hey Guys!
Sorry I haven't been around much, I've bee really busy the last several months. I took a year of CNC machining classes at our local tech college last fall and winter and over the summer I was able to get a CNC Machining Job over the summer. Learning to wake up at 4:45am and work for eight hours and then play baseball for another two was pretty tiring but I learned a lot! I've become pretty good with a fairly wide range of Machining tasks, the men I worked with really new there stuff and were happy to teach me all I wanted.  So that was my summer in a nutshell. Currently, I'm in Rapid City South Dakota at the School of Mines-I'm going for Mechanical Engineering. Its been rather frustrating to not be able to make knives these past few months because I just don't have the time but All is well and I'm learning tons. I can't wait to get back into it! 
I hope you all are doing great! How are you Ed? Joe? John? Mark?

Here's a few pictures from yesterday excursion out to Custer State Park and mount Rushmore.





Title: Re: Just a Update
Post by: Ed Fowler on September 06, 2017, 09:15:59 AM
Your photos do not come through, I am looking forward to seeing them!

As for me slowly but surly I am getting back to my old self, Hope (and it looks like) I am done with all the cancer stuff.

Title: Re: Just a Update
Post by: TomWhite on September 08, 2017, 03:31:41 PM
Dan, I got your photos. I don't know why Ed didn't. 
It is good to see you are learning some good stuff.
Sometimes I think the skills you are studying are
disappearing.  I am glad you are following this study.

I love the SD area.  The only area that compares to it,
in my opinion, geologically wise, is Wyoming.  They
are close together though. 

Good luck in your studies.  And get back to making
knives when you have time.  I know you will be busy.

Get down to the Bad Lands!

Title: Re: Just a Update
Post by: Ed Fowler on September 11, 2017, 07:16:38 PM
Now I can see them, nice work with the camera. Keep after that education, it is something no one can ever take from you.